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When is it safe for pregnant mothers to do prenatal massage?
Mothers can start going for prenatal massage from the second trimester onwards. 3 months before the estimated date of delivery is safe for mothers to start natal massage. Bookings are made on a first come first serve basis. 
What do I need for my massage sessions?
Since we provide natal massages at the comfort of your own home, there are a few things that you will need to prepare. Mummies will need to have: 2 large towel, 2 face towels and a bedding for the massage. Preparing a bed for the home massage is optional because mothers can choose to book our massage beds will will be brought to your homes. 
When is it safe for pregnant mothers to start postnatal massage?
Based on medical recommendations, mothers with different deliveries have start massage sessions at different times.
Natural Birth: 5-7 days
C-section: 3-4 weeks
When is it too late to go for postnatal massage?
Ideally, postnatal massage should start shortly after your delivery (best within the first 3 months). Postnatal massage is most effective until 6 months after delivery because your body still secretes hormones which help with the recovery process. Your body will be better rejuvenated as the hormones help to loosen your muscles and support your skeletal system. 
What if you are looking for postnatal massage but have already pass the 6 month window? Our therapist are also able to do a Slimming Massage to help your shape and tighten up your body. If you are interested in our Slimming massage, please WhatsApp us at 8463 3168 for more information. 
Who are Mums N Bumps' therapists?
All our therapist are professionally trained and qualified to provide massage services. Adhering to high standards of professionalism, we guarantee that all our therapist have acquired their certifications before working with us officially. 
Can I choose my therapist?
We understand that at times, mothers would prefer having a therapist that they are familiar with to do their pre and post massage. However, due to different timeslots and and availability, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get the same therapist for every single session. Our arrangements will be subjected to availability. Nonetheless, we promise to do our best to cater to your demands.  
For postnatal massage, how long should I keep the binding on?
Our therapist will advice you accordingly and for maximum results, we recommend that mothers follow through with our therapist's advice as best as possible. During the treatment process, mothers are advised to keep the wraps on for at least 6-8 hours each day. 
How is the booking procedure like?
After your online payment, our staff will contact you through WhatsApp using the number that you have provided us with to schedule a home massage session at your suitable timing. 
What are the different payment modes available?
For payments, we accept Paynow and credit/debit card payments made through Stripe. For any other alternative payment methods, please contact us at 8463 3168 as we are able to make further arrangements with you. 
Unfortunately, refunds can only be made if there are supporting medical documents to show that you are unfit for pre and post natal massage. We value all of you that entrust us with your natal massage experience. 
Is Mums N Bumps a registered company?
Yes, we are! our registration number is 202041727C. 

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