Prenatal Massage
Targeted To Help You Relief Pregnancy Woes & Prepare For A Smooth Delivery.

Benefits You Will Experience

Soothe Aches & Cramps

Prenatal Massage helps you to ease muscle tension and nerve pains. Relaxed nerves and muscles will reduce the daily pregnancy discomforts you experience. Say goodbye to sleepless nights! 

Relief Pains In Body

Pregnancy means extra weight on your body. Overtime, mothers will feel tied down by lower back and hip pain. Our massage will reduce your soreness and help you regain freedom and comfort!

Boost Circulation & Ease Swelling

Frustrated by tight muscles and swollen legs? Worry no more! Our massage helps to reduce swelling and loosen muscles which will aid in a smooth delivery. 

Rejuvenates Mind & Clears Stress

Especially when your body experiences discomfort, pregnancy can lead to mental stress. Our massage comes in handy to revitalize your mind and spirit!

Your Massage Experience With Us

A quick run through of your prenatal home massage...

Prepare your body for the massage. Our therapist will gently loosen up your muscles and warm up your body before your intensive massage session. This is an essential step to avoid massaging cold and stiff muscles so as to prevent any injuries.   
Reduce swelling of limbs. The massage will progressively move to the lower part of your body, targeting your leg and calves. This is to help with your water retention and cramps. After a few sessions of massage, your swelling will reduce significantly. 
Soothe body ache and soreness. Our massage will also target your lower back and spine area to help reduce the muscle tension that you experience from pregnancy. With the help of our massage, you will have loosened muscles and restful sleep. 
Rejuvenate your mind and body. Our massage will help you to unwind from all the stress that your body goes through during pregnancy. As your body relieves tension, stress hormones decrease too. After a few sessions, you will experience a better frame of mind. 

Our Natal Massage Packages

Package A (SAVE $795)

15 Sessions 
60 Minutes Massage

Package B (SAVE $500)

10 Sessions
60 Minutes Massage

Package C (SAVE $301)

7 Sessions
60 Minutes Massage
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